Are you thriving in your life? Would you like to thrive, but can’t seem to realize it? Maybe you’d like to go up and down stairs more easily. Or win more surf competitions. Maybe you’d like to be more expressive in your performing or reduce repetitive-use pain from playing your instrument? Perhaps you hope to lower your anxiety, sadness, anger and be able to experience more joy? 

Patricia & Andy - Feldenkrais

Welcome to THRIVE

I’m Patricia Zehentmayr and I am a healer. I believe good health and happiness belong to you. You were not put on this earth to want these most basic aspects of life and not experience them. While I don’t know exactly know what that might look like for you, I do know that some version of this truth is inherently yours. I work with anyone who is seeking to feel better and live better. Whether you are in physical pain that has led to emotional distress, vice versa, or one or the other; I am here to help. I work in two basic modalities: The Feldenkrais Method (from the outside, in) and Inner Reconciliation (from the inside, out). The two often meet in the middle and I hope you and I will too!

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